Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Holiday Success

St. Patty's Day is probably one of the best holidays for college kids--or anybody that likes to drink. It gives everyone an excuse to wake up at the crack of dawn and replace their morning coffees with ice cold brewski without being labeled an alcoholic. And more importantly, it's the one holiday a year where the whole point of it is to get drunk. No presents, no costumes, no preparation, just straight drinking. Amazing.

However, for whatever reason, Spring Break is scheduled for next week, and mathematically speaking, that means that this week is midterm week. St. Patty's in the middle of the dreaded midterm week? Lovely. 

I spent the night mainly with Blondie, a girl from Colorado that is easily one of the funniest, most talkative people I have ever met. And she has a car, which comes in handy. There isn't any single story from the night that is entertaining enough to blog about, but I will do a quick run-through of the night. First, I'll start out with a list of the bad things that happened on St. Patty's Day, followed by the list of events that were funny (but maybe only to the people included). Either way, in my eyes, St. Patty's Day was an epic success. 

Bummer #1: St. Patty's Day happened to fall on the week of midterms, meaning about half of the student body had a midterm today. About half of them stayed in to study.
Bummer #2: Nobody was down for kegs and eggs at 8 in the morning.
Bummer #3: Boston wanted to go out with me.
Bummer #4: I had not stocked up on any alcohol--between my room, Willow's room, Calabasas's room, and Blondie's room, we had about a half of a water bottle full of tequila. And it wasn't even cold.

Good news #1: Blondie's neighbors had enough supplies for Irish Car Bombs to kill about 50 people. And they let us drink them for free.
Good news #2: Blondie and Calabasas both have fake IDs, so since there were no crazy parties going on, we had the option to hit up SubPlace.
Good news #3: Boston does NOT have a fake ID. So she couldn't come.

After doing some Irish Car Bombs, we headed toward SubPlace, intending on drinking pitchers of long islands and chilling for a few hours before heading to a few parties. However, when we arrived at SubPlace, we ran into a group of about 5 people that we knew, and we sat with them, and decided we were having more fun there than we would at any party. The girls without the fake IDs (aka Boston and the rest of the girls on my floor) that went to the parties ended up going to three house parties, all of which were either broken up by the cops, ran out of alcohol, or fights broke out. They were at home and in bed by 11. We were having too much fun to leave, and here's a quick rundown of the events that took place:

1.) Calabasas didn't get a wristband, regardless of the fact that her fake ID actually has her picture and name on it. The bouncer took one look at her, X'd out her hands, and let Blondie and me in without a problem. Even though both of our IDs look nothing like us.
2.) Calabasas tried to buy a drink regardless. It didn't work. It was an epic fail.
3.) I got a free pitcher of long islands after I talked to the guy that was working there, because he was wearing a jersey from the college that my brother attends. And I asked him if I could get a pitcher for free, and it somehow worked. Awesome.
4.) Blondie went to get a cup of water, but forgot to turn off the faucet, which caused a big overflow of water in the middle of SubPlace. 
5.) On our way out, the bouncer offered me a shot and so we took a shot together. Even though I'm not of age. Hilarious.
6.) When I returned home, Boston got mad that we never left SubPlace, even though she never called or texted any one of us to meet up, and then proceeded to talk about how she can't wait for her ID to get here.

And on a funny side note, Boston found a place online where you send in a passport photo of yourself, $150 cash, and your information to a lady in Florida, who will make you a fake ID that blacklights and scans. Supposedly, the woman will contact you before making it to make sure the information is right. Boston sent it in last week (overnighted it so she can get it before spring break), and still hasn't heard from the lady. Sounds like a scam, Boston...

All in all, St. Patty's Day was an epic success. Green beer, Irish Car Bombs, and ridiculous stories. What more could a person want?

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