Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, Now I know...

They say you learn a new thing every day. And today, I learned a very important lesson. Never EVER wear flip-flops in the library. Ever. 

I made the rookie mistake of going to the library with Willow immediately after dinner, without even considering the fact that my shoes that I had worn all day might cause some annoyance to the fellow library-goers. Willow and I entered the library, which is easily the most quiet building on campus, and we ventured to find the newly remodeled reference room to complete our studies in. Unfortunately, Willow never goes to the library (because, ironically, it's too quiet for her to study there), and every time I go, I just get so lost that I end up sitting at the first table or desk that I can find.Our mutual confusion about the library made for an interesting trip.

With every step, my shoes flipped or flopped, and everywhere we went, heads turned. I got dirty looks. The librarians sitting at their desks even gave me the evil eye every time we passed them. It wasn't as bad walking with Willow because we could both laugh about it together, but midway through the study session, I had to get some water and had to walk through the library by myself to find some. I only got more dirty looks. More students angry that my shoes were disrupting their concentration and focus. And they probably just got angrier that every time I got shot a nasty look, I just started giggling. Not out of spite or to disturb them, but because I thought it was hysterical. 

As hysterical and funny as it was, I never want to do it again. And unless you find pure enjoyment out of annoying the crap out of everyone around you and getting death glares every time you try to walk somewhere, I wouldn't recommend that you try it, either. 

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